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Jameson Journey VOL2 PROD. J.Watts, 110E BPM & GoldSmith

Listening Party for Jameson Journey VOL2. Guest: Kid Rob & DJTwix

Out Da House -6

Out Da House Productions: AOE x A.i.A x UTL: Next Show FEB 19th Opening up for Warren G!!!


Jameson Live! at The Santa Ana, CA Arena The Observatory

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Jameson’s Journey Continues VOL.2 – Upper Class Urban

Directed by Willie Williams

LEAKED | July 22nd, 2014 | DJVIP510

Jameson – Presidential Smoke  PROD. J.WAtts 

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Presidential Smoke 

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DJVIP510 Host | Jameson – As the World Burns[Riff Raff Versace Freestyle][Prod J.WATTS][Remix] | A.I.A Network | NOW RELEASED !!!

As the World Burns

A.i.A Network Commercial – “The Network” | Improv Short Film Series COMING SOON

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The Network -9

Jameson Single Westcoastin Hosted by DJVIp510 “Official DJ for West Coast Hip Hip Artist Nipsey Hussle”
Jameson Single “Westcoastin” Featured on “DJVip510″ SoundCloud | A.i.A Network


Jameson’s Journey – A.I.A Network – The Other Side – Vol 1


Jameson’s Journey | The Other Side – VLOG | Directed by Julian Easley

Jameson Journey |Yoga & Bunnies The 11th Minute |VLOG – A.I.A Network

DAY in the Life: VLOG

Jameson’s Official EP Release. Jameson’s Journey VOL1. [Prod. J.Watts]


Jameson is a Los Angeles recording artist from Baldwin Hills California. He was born June 5, 1989.

BET-1He first got into music at the age of 12 with interest in the piano. Jameson’s introduction to Hip Hop was rewarding early on through collaborations that developed his lyrical ambition to create his own sound. Jameson then started to work on his own mixtape released December 2nd “My Escape”. The idea evolved from Jameson’s personal life when one life goal doesn’t work out due to unfortunate set backs, which gave him the idea that when one thing doesn’t work out there is a purpose for another; there is always an escape.

-“Society forces us to believe that we are limited to a certain lifestyle due to how you come up”, says Jameson.

“I am determined to break out of the box our minds can get trapped in.”

Jameson has a different message to send than your average artist, with a heavy lyrical political relevance in the substance of his music. He now collaborates with other known artist such as “Nikia” featured on Billions Trillions. He is on the rise to become a great artist who can make a huge mark in the industry.

African in America Network – OFFICIAL Commercial [The Network][A.i.A]

Quote of the Week – B.B. KING – African American Blues Singer, and Guitarists [Born-September 16, 1925 – Passed-May 14, 2015]

Quote of the Week – B.B. KING – African American Blues Singer, and Guitarists [Born-September 16, 1925 – Passed-May 14, 2015]